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Award Winning Salon

Top 250 tanning salons in US 2 years in a row.
- Looking Fit magazine

  • Chosen best tanning salon in Utah County 9 yrs in a row 2002-2011
  • "The only Tanning Experts in the world" - Expert Village
  • Proud to offer you the best in tanning right here in Park City!

Infrared Body Treatments

On average, clients can lose a whole
dress size in just 6 visits.

  • Inch & Weight Loss
  • Tighten & Rejuvenate Skin
  • Stretch Mark Reduction

Why Perfect Tan

Amazing Beds

We searched and found the best beds in the country! Our beds are new and top of the line with high intensity lamps. All our beds have high pressure facial tanners for more color to your face without burning, or you can just turn them off. We pulled extra power to make sure the beds run at over 100% of output.

Regular Maintenance

We change out our lamps at half the life our lamp manufacture recommends. Most tanning lamps are rated between 800 and 1,000 hours of life. We change out our lamps at 400 hours or less giving our clients the results they pay for. Tanning bed maintenance is done weekly to insure that all beds and lamps are working properly.

Full Amenities

We offer full amenities in every room; deodorant, wet wipes, kleenexes, candy. Vanity make up mirror with hair spray and plug located at the back end of the salon. Feel free to use to reapply make up, do your hair, etc.

Flexible Pricing

With our pricing system you only buy a pass of flexible credits and are able to tan in any tanning unit without upgrade charges. Each tanning unit has a different amount set flexible credits for its use. No more digging for money to upgrade to larger tanning units, just use a few more of your flexible credits and you can be tanning in any of our 6 levels of tanning units. Please see our "pricing and specials" on this website.

Variety of Tanning Units

We offer 6 different levels of tanning units. We have High Pressure Matrix bed 15-min Tan, High Pressure Saturn Standup 10 Minute Tan, High Pressure/VHR Ringo Mix Standup 13 Minute Tan, VHR Ultra Ruva beds 12-Minute Tan, Versa Spa Spray Booth 2-Minute Instant Tan. Learn more and see each of these tanning units on this website.

Customer Education

Educating our clients about the tanning experience is one reason why tanners come to Perfect Tan and stay with us! We want to educate you about the tanning process so you can make an informed decision about how you should tan indoors and outdoors. If you are new to tanning, we can answer some of your questions about what to expect and what Perfect Tan Tanning Center is all about! Please tour this web site for more information on the tanning process.